Protecting Your Vehicle

You've made a sizeable investment in your new vehicle from Fourlane Ford. You are going to want to keep it looking its best for years to come. Protecting your vehicle from the elements not only keeps it looking great but a well-maintained and protected vehicle will have maximum resale value as well. We offer a number of products to help you protect your vehicle.

Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection

Canada is know for its incredibly harsh climates. The sun's intense UV rays alone can fade the paint. But add in dirt, pollutants, road salt, moisture, and more ... perfect conditions for a dulled finish.

Platinum is the high-performing solution for your car, powered by ceramic coating experts Gtechniq. Platinum paint protection is covered by a 5-year guarantee.

Platinum Ceramic Paint Protection bonds with the clear coat of your vehicle to create a barrier like no other! Benefits include:

  • The key to long-term gloss retention is swirl resistance. The main cause of degradation in gloss, is the build-up of micro-scratches made when your car gets washed. Platinum offers class-leading abrasion resistance.
  • Ceramic-coated vehicles become super hydrophobic, meaning the treated areas repel water, making them easer to clean.
  • The ceramic coating increases the factor clear coat hardness up to 50%.
  • The ceramic coating is resistant to solvents, alkalis, UV rays, corrosion and harsh weather conditions.


Our undercoating is durable coating applied to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Common enemies to your vehicle's underbody include:

  • Road Salt
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Road and Tire Noise

Undercoating your vehicle protects and insulates is against moisture, temperature extremes, road noise and corrosion.

Interior Protection

Our interior protection forms an invisible barrier that protects all fabric and leather/vinyl surfaces from spills, odors, cracking, pet stains.

Paint Protection Film

DuraShield is a transparent, durable, high-performance urethane film that is scratch and tear resistant. It is designed to provide a virtually invisible layer of protection between everyday road hazards and the damage prone areas of your vehicle. DuraShield performs as a tough barrier to prevent small rocks, debris, and insects from coming in contact with your vehicle's painted or metal finished surface areas.

Spray In Boxliner

Spray-in boxliners are a popular choice for many of our customers. There are several choices to make when getting a spray liner such as whether you would like it sprayed under the rails, or up over the box rails for increased bed protection. Compare spray-on bed liners to drop-in liners:

  • No attachment holes
  • No scratching paint
  • No worry with fit; fits all sizes, shapes
  • No vibration or noise
  • No fading, warping, cracking
  • Easy to clean
  • More attractive
  • Increased resale value

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