Ford Maintenance Protection Plan


FMPP makes it easy for you to maintain your vehicle according to Ford’s scheduled maintenance requirements!


Covers all required scheduled maintenance for Ford vehicles, as outlined in your vehicle’s Owner’s Guide†. Includes coverage of 8 wear items as required, due to normal wear or defect:

• Brake pads and linings
• Shock absorbers
• Brake rotors
• Spark plugs
• Wiper blades
• Clutch Disc (manual transmission only)
• Engine belts, coolant hoses/clamps/hose seals
• Light bulbs (excludes LED & HID lamps and headlamps except when PC Plus! plan is purchased)

Coverage begins at the time of plan purchase and ends at the selected time or distance travelled limitation (whichever occurs first); time and distance travelled limitations are calculated from zero kilometres and the warranty start date (whichever occurs first). Plans may be purchased on Ford vehicles before the earlier of 12 months or 20,000 kilometres from the warranty start date.

Manage Your Budget and Add Peace of Mind

• Helps protect you against the rising costs of maintenance
• Regular scheduled maintenance will help ensure your vehicle’s optimum performance
• Helps maximize the resale or lease-end value of your vehicle
• Service at all Ford and Lincoln Dealers in Canada and the United States
• Only Ford and Lincoln prepaid maintenance plans are backed by Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited
• A smart way to protect your investment for just pennies a day
• An easy way for you to regularly maintain your vehicle according to Ford’s scheduled maintenance requirements – plus coverage of 8 wear items, when required due to normal wear or defect
• With Genuine Ford Parts & Service, you can be confident that your vehicle will be serviced using Ford approved parts for superior fit, finish and overall performance
• Ford factory-trained Technicians receive the latest in comprehensive Ford training to help ensure that your vehicle is fixed right, the first time.

Time and Distance Options

There are a variety of time and distance selections to choose from based on your driving habits.

• The number of service visits listed for each of the plans is the maximum number of visits covered§. Should the maximum number of service visits be reached prior to the expiration of the selected plan, you can still enjoy the peace of mind that the plan’s 8 wear items will still be covered during the selected plan coverage period.

• While maintenance services can be completed at any time during the plan coverage, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited recommends that the scheduled maintenance, as outlined in your vehicle’s Owner’s Guide, be followed. This will help ensure your vehicle’s best performance.

The 6 month/8,000 km maintenance interval selection is serviced according to Special Operating Conditions. The other intervals are serviced according to Normal Operating Conditions. Refer to your Owner’s Guide and consult your Fourlane Ford representative for the Maintenance Interval Selection that is right for you.

Coverage For Scheduled Maintenance

The following services are representative of required maintenance for your vehicle. Your actual plan will be based on your vehicle’s maintenance needs as indicated in your Owner’s Scheduled Maintenance Guide.


• Change engine oil and replace oil filter*
• Inspect and rotate tires
• Inspect brake pads/shoes/rotors/drums, brake lines and parking brake system
• Inspect wheel ends for end play and noise
• Inspect and lubricate steering linkage, ball joints, suspension and, if equipped, halfshafts, driveshafts and u-joints
• Change transmission fluid
• Replace fuel filter
• Replace engine air filter
• Change engine coolant
• Replace PCV valve
• If equipped, change transfer case fluid
• If equipped, inspect and lubricate 4x4 front axle shaft u-joints
• If equipped, lubricate 4x4 front hub needle bearings
• If equipped, lubricate 4x2 front wheel bearings, replace grease seals and adjust bearings
• If equipped, fill diesel exhaust fluid


At each service interval, your vehicle undergoes a comprehensive multi-point inspection as indicated in your Owner’s Scheduled Maintenance Guide.


• Check fluid levels and fill:
– Transmission (if equipped with a dipstick)
– Brake reservoir
– Power steering
– Coolant recovery reservoir
– Window washer
– Diesel exhaust fluid (if necessary)
• Check following systems/components:
– Operation of horn, interior lights, exterior lamps, turn signals, and hazard and brake lights
– Windshield washer spray, wiper operation and wiper blades
– Windshield for cracks, chips and pitting
– Radiator, heater and air conditioning lines for leaks and damage
– Engine air filter
– Oil and fluid leaks
– Exhaust system (leaks, damage, loose parts)
– Steering and steering linkages
– Shocks/struts and other suspension components for leaks and/or damage
– Accessory drive belt(s)
– Clutch operation (if equipped)
– Tires for wear and proper air pressure


Complement your FMPP with another Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP) – PremiumCARE, ExtraCARE, BaseCARE or PowertrainCARE. Ford ESP covers the parts and labour on many vehicle components, for up to 8 years or 200,000 kilometres (whichever occurs first). Ask your Fourlane Ford representative for details.

§ Depending on the time or distance maintenance intervals followed, the number of service visits received may not necessarily reflect the maximum number of service visits listed to the right. † Up to the maximum number of service visits included in the selected plan. See Owner’s Guide for complete details. * Must purchase Synthetic Oil Option in order to receive reimbursement for synthetic oil replacement.  †† See Owner’s Guide for complete details.  † Up to the maximum number of service visits included in the selected plan.

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