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Cary Shelstad

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Financing a Vehicle

When you are buying a new of pre-owned vehicle you have lots of great choices and important decisions to make in order to choose the right vehicle and features that suit your lifestyle and budget.  When it comes to paying for your new vehicle, you also have choices and important decisions to make.

Fourlane Ford Financing

Our dealership has a Financial Services Manager whose primary function is to arrange your vehicle financing as soon as you make the decision to purchase your new vehicle. Our manager is a trained automotive lender, and works by acting as a vehicle loan "broker" within the dealership - like a mortgage broker. The Financial Services Manager has the authority to draw up the vehicle loan agreements on behalf of the chartered banks. You never have to visit a bank branch!

Competitive Rates - Because we do such a large volume of vehicle loan business and deal with so many financial institutions, we can offer our customers the best rates.

No Down Payment O.A.C. - You can put as little, or as much, of a down payment as you choose toward your vehicle loan. You can even choose to put $0 down and finance 100% of the vehicle and taxes.

One-Stop Shopping - Purchasing and financing your vehicle at Fourlane Ford makes the process very convenient.

Protected Payments - Most people that have a home mortgage have it protected with life and/or illness and injury insurance. We offer this very same coverage for your vehicle loan - often your second largest asset. Fourlane Ford feels so strongly about our customers protecting their vehicle loans that we offer a preferred interest rate to those of our customers that include creditor insurance in their agreement.

No Pre-Payment Penalty - Dealer Plan vehicle loans can be paid off at any time without interest penalties.

Hassle-Free Financing - With our speedy approval process, once an application is completed, we can often secure an approval within minutes!

Longer Terms & Lower Payments - In many cases we can arrange for longer terms than you might normally be able to obtain through your bank, which can lower your payments or allow you to purchase an upgraded vehicle.

Pre-Authorized Payments - Our financing solutions come with the convenience of pre-authorized payments from your bank account of choice.

Leasing vs. Financing

The decision to lease or finance a new vehicle depends on many factors.  Tracy can assist you with your choice but the chart below outlines some of the main considerations:

Ownership You pay to use the vehicle during the term of the lease and must return it at lease-end unless you choose to purchase the vehicle. You own the vehicle free and clear after your financial obligations are met. It will be yours to keep or trade-in on your next vehicle.
Payment Monthly lease payments may be lower than comparable term monthly finance payments because you are paying for the portion of the vehicle's value used during the lease term. Monthly loan payments may be higher than comparable term monthly lease payments because you pay for the entire purchase price of the vehicle. Each payment helps build vehicle equity toward future trade-in. A bi-weekly payment schedule is also available if you prefer a lower payment every two weeks.
Customization Customize your vehicle through your Dealer at the beginning of your lease with approved accessories. Customize your vehicle at any time.
Kilometres You have a variety of kilometre / year options to choose from at the beginning of your lease to meet your driving needs. You are responsible for any excess kilometre charges unless you choose to purchase the vehicle. You may drive as many kilometres as you want. However, higher kilometres will lower the vehicle's trade-in or resale value.
Wear and Tear A normal amount of wear and tear is covered. You are responsible for wear and tear in excess of normal limits unless you choose to purchase the vehicle. There are no charges for vehicle wear and tear. Excessive wear will lower the vehicle's trade-in or resale value.
End Of Term At the end of the lease, you have the flexibility to either purchase your leased vehicle at a predetermined price or return it. At the end of the loan, you own the vehicle. It is yours to keep or trade-in on your next vehicle.

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