Ford F-150 Lightning Overview


F-Series has been Canada’s best-selling line of pickup trucks for 55 years* for a reason. And now, it’s going electric with the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning. It offers all the brawn and capability you need coupled with an electric powertrain that can help you work smarter and in more places. But it’s not all muscle. It also offers high-level technologies and features that keep you connected and help you work smarter. Making you more productive than ever before. So, welcome to the future of business.


F-150 is known as a vehicle that can handle a lot.  So you don't want it down for long.  Thankfully the available extended range battery offers a targeted EPA-estimated range of 480 km.  The standard-range battery provides a targeted EPA -estimated range of 370 km


Backed by the largest public charging network in North America, we are offering an ecosystem of charging solutions to meet all your charging needs.  Whether you're on the job, on the road or at home, we have you covered.  The extended-range batter comes standard with the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro.  This allows a peak charging power of 19.2 kW enabled by the batttery's dual onboard chargers which means a full charge overnight.* Like all Ford electric vehicles, every series comes with the 32-amo Ford Mobile Charger which alloews you to charge from a traditional 120V or 240V outlet.  No special stations required.


We look for every opportunity to make sure the F-150 Lightning is a tough, powerful and productive tool for our customers to help get the job done. Sometimes it takes innovations we didn’t even know we needed. Because we’re never satisfied, we look for every opportunity to make sure we’re bringing the kind of powerful work and play tool F-150 customers have come to expect. And by adding an all-electric powertrain, you also get a vehicle that requires no gas and offers potentially lower scheduled maintenance costs.


The front trunk features four Pro Power Onboard 120V outlets for a total of 2.4kW of exportable power, plus one USB-C and one USB-A outlet.  You cna run power tools and a laptop on the job or things like a microwave or a TV when you're off the clock.


The F-150 Lightning with the available extended-range battery has a targeted 563 horsepower and a 775 lb-ft of torque.  And since all-electric motors can crank out an impressive amount of power at basically zero RPM, it's going to be the fastest accelerating F-150 yet, targeting 0-60 mph in the mid-4 second range.

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