Ford continues to lead the way in green vehicle technology

By: Fourlane Ford   |   16 Aug 2017

The auto industry has sure come a long way over the past few decades, particularly when it comes to eco-friendly practices, and no vehicle manufacturer has made greater strides in this regard than Ford. From embracing cutting edge aerodynamics to using recycled materials, Ford has consistently led the way in green vehicle technology and here we will take a brief look at what they’ve been up to lately.

Why go green?

Green vehicle manufacturing comes with a whole lot of benefits for people as well as the environment, including the following;

  • Reduce fuel usage
  • Save money
  • Divert materials from landfills
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Create new markets

Ford’s secret weapon – sustainable by-products

Many Ford vehicles are now made using by-products from organic materials, such as wheat, rice, and straw, which not only means using materials that would otherwise be wasted but also tapping into their natural abilities, such as being light, strong or flexible.

For example, coconut fibre is now used in Ford Electric trunk mats; Ford Flex storage bins are made using wheat straw reinforced bio-plastic; and the wire harnesses of all new Ford F-150s are made with rice hulls. Over the past few years, Ford has also utilised soy-based foams to make head restraints and seat cushions in vehicles throughout their North American line-up.

Lighter and stronger

Ford’s eco-friendly efforts have also included designing their vehicles to be lighter and stronger; after all, the less a vehicle weighs the less fuel it will require, which means fewer harmful emissions created as well.

The use of carbon fibre in Ford GTs is a fantastic example of their light yet strong approach, as is the Ford Fiesta’s use of high-strength boron steel, while the military-grade aluminum alloys employed in the 2017 Ford F-150s helped slash their overall weight by a staggering 335kgs!

Not surprisingly, Ford continues to look for ways to raise the bar, including developing stronger types of steel and experimenting with lightweight polymeric plastic strengthening foams.

The tequila connection

Far from resting on their laurels, Ford continues to look for new ways to incorporate green practices and last year announced a new partnership with Jose Cuervo to explore the possibility of using natural by-products from tequila making.

Tequila production involves the processing of thousands of agave plants, which results in a huge amount of unused remnant fibres. Ford engineers hope to one day turn this abundant ‘waste product’ into a sustainable bio-plastic and are currently experimenting with other natural materials for similar purposes, including bamboo and sugar cane.

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