Ford technology goes next level

By: Fourlane Ford   |   06 Jul 2017
Push Button Start

Technology has revolutionised the auto industry in recent years, making vehicles smarter, safer and more enjoyable than ever before, and no automaker has made greater strides in this regard than Ford. Here we will look at some of the many high-tech highlights now found across Ford’s wide range of highly impressive vehicles.


Intelligent Access with Push-Button Start


This brilliant system enables drivers to get in and going without taking their keys from their pocket, which is a particularly useful feature when you have your hands full with groceries, tools or kids. With a tiny key fob in your pocket your Ford will unlock as soon as you touch the handle of your vehicle and once inside, simply put your foot on the brake, press the start button, and your Ford’s engine will roar to life.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Ford has taken everything you know and love about cruise control and made it a whole lot better. This savvy system allows you to pre-set your desired speed, as well as a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. It then uses sensors to detect when traffic is slowing, at which point it will adjust your speed automatically. As soon as traffic speeds up again your Ford will return to your desired speed.

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert

BLIS is the next best thing to having eyes in the back of your head as it uses sensors and radars to detect if a vehicle has entered your blind spot and then alerts you with an indicator light on the side mirror closest to the threat. When you are backing out of a parking space the Cross-Traffic Alert comes to life, detecting vehicles up to 13.7 metres away and using both audio and visual warnings to alert you to their presence.


Track Apps


2017 Ford Mustangs now boast a state-of-the-art feature known as Track Apps, which consists primarily of Electronic Line-lock and Launch Control functionality. The Electronic Line-lock feature keeps the front brakes engaged while your Mustang is in gear, which allows you to warm up the rear tires, while Launch Control “integrates brakes, traction control and powertrain control” to make every start fast, smooth and powerful. There is also a 4.2” message centre that displays key performance metrics, such as acceleration times, g-forces and countdown starts.




Staying connected and in control has never been easier thanks to Ford’s high-speed SYNC3 infotainment system. Not only does it offer a highly intuitive display that you can tap, pinch or swipe at will, but you’ll enjoy enhanced voice recognition capabilities, satellite navigation, and full spectrum Siri functionality. Better yet, updates are incorporated automatically over Wi-Fi, so you will always have the latest features and functions at your disposal.

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